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The Fuji Oil Group

Since founding in 1950, the Fuji Oil Group (“the Group” or “Fuji Oil”) has evolved from an edible oils & fats specialised manufacturer into a global pioneer developing innovative and value-added food solutions to all food and confectionery manufacturers and bakeries for over half a century.

The Fuji Oil Group utilizes plant-based raw materials such as palm oil, soybeans and cacao and expand into vegetable oils & fats, industrial chocolate, emulsified and fermented ingredients and soy-based ingredients, as the basis of its 4 core businesses. Starting with specialty fats to replace cocoa butter in chocolate, cheese alternatives to substitute dairy products and margarine, and soy-based meat as an alternative to meat, Fuji Oil has a long history of developing technologies to produce alternatives to our finite resources.

With these 4 key businesses, the Group has established an integrated supply chain management system with an overseas network covering from procurement of raw materials and research innovation to production and sales.
  Our Group
Headquartered in Japan, Fuji Oil now has manufacturing facilities in 14 countries, in Japan, China and other Asian countries, the United States, Europe and Africa. Each group company is developing, producing and selling food products locally in response to regional needs and demands.
Vegetable Oils and Fats

Vegetable Oils
and Fats

We develop and manufacture a wide range of oil and fat products, including function-enhancing oils and fats for chocolate, and oils and fats that improve flavor and texture.
  Industrial Chocolate


We propose chocolate with high flavored couverture and chocolate that combines functionality and taste depending on the application such as bread and ice cream.
  Emulsified & Fermented Ingredients

Emulsified & Fermented Ingredients

Using advanced emulsification fermentation technology, we have developed a lineup of products with stable functions, taste, and ease to use.
  Soy-based Ingredients


We draw out the possibilities of soybeans in the aspects of nutrition, health, delicious flavor, and functionality, and apply them in developing everything from soy ingredients to soy products.

Management Philosophy

Our Principles


The Fuji Oil Group seeks to develop the potential of food ingredients. We will contribute to the happiness and well-being of the people by offering delicious and healthy food.


Together with our stakeholders, we will co-create a sustainable future for food, based on plant-based ingredients that are both delicious and healthy.


Safety, quality and the environment   Safety, quality and the environment
Work for people   Work for people
Challenge and Innovation   Challenge and Innovation
Speed and Timing   Speed and Timing

Our Principles

  We will Comply with the laws and regulations of the society and continue to keep high ethical standards.
  We will conduct environment friendly activities.
  We will respect our valued partners and engage in fair and righteous transactions.
  We will engage in corporate activities rooted in our communities and actively contribute to society.
  We will protect and manage the company's assets and information.
  We will understand and follow the spirit of these principles and continue to pursue the realization of our company mission.
  We will make the safety and security of foods our highest priority and provide quality products and services.
  We will continue to innovate with a pioneering spirit.
  We will value communication with our customers and provide new values.
  We will disclose accurate management information to our shareholders in appropriate and timely manner.
  We will strictly separate the official business and private matters.
As employees, we will value the following items.
  We will respect the diversity and individuality of Fuji Oil Group employees.
  We will enjoy our work with a sense of speed and passion as professionals.
  We will keep daily maintenance and improve the health and safety of our workplace.
  The Fuji Oil Group will provide opportunities of education for the growth of employees.
  We will strive to build personal character with a spirit of harmony and dedication to the company.