Chocolate invention is a serious affair at FGC - which is why we are dedicated to pool chocolate specialists together to cultivate exciting innovation at our sophisticated chocolate facility. Innovation at FGC begins with our skilled experts work in close collaboration with our customers to co-create holistic solutions, driving their products to stay ahead of the market competition.
Pushing the Creative Boundaries of Chocolates
With broad array of our existing chocolate offerings, there are so many products readily available to elevate your own signature creations.
In addition, our devoted team ensures food safety and regulatory support is always within reach hence our customers are assured in safe hands of product compliance with legislative requirements.
Tailored solution is also welcomed at FGC for the chocolates with unique properties you are looking for. Starting out with key raw materials such as vegetable oil and fats to various applications for ice cream, confectionery or bakery;
Be it for recipe matching, price optimization, specific rheology, distinct flavour palette, bake stability, we listen to customers' requests and feedback and dedicated to develop the unique solution by leveraging our core competencies in oils and fats technologies, together with thorough product knowhow and determination indefatigably in search of quality ingredients.
You are rest assured that we will never stop developing breakthrough inventions that will revolutionize chocolates of tomorrow.